Tuesday, December 28, 2010


When my eldest son, Thyge, was little, he loved eggs and I was lazy, and a recipe was born. I told him about these eggs recently and he was, I'm not gonna lie, grossed out. But, if you think about it, the best eggs are cooked in the pan after the bacon comes out...this is simply a variation on a classic breakfast theme.

Take the pan you cooked hamburgers in

Heat it up hot like a wok

Whip some eggs in a bowl

Add to it a splash of water--not milk

Salt no pepper unless you like gray eggs

Hot wok it!

Done as soon as you get the hamburger dregs* firmed up in the scramble

This is real real quick

Can be done with any used pan, just rename it: spageggies, poteggies, marineggies....

*dregs--from Proto-Indo-European or PIE (food!) or OAL, as I like to call it (Old Ass Language) meaning 'to make muddy'

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